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Mrs. Elizabeth Chatham

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General Info

Elizabeth R. Chatham

Grade Levels: PreK-6



Please Click Here to download my resume with letter of reference and copy’s pf certificates.

About Me

My name is Beth (Elizabeth) Chatham. I grew up in Lake George, where I attended both the Elementary and Junior/Senior High. I graduated in 1996, my maiden name is Werne. I earned all my certifications as an Undergraduate and Graduate student at SUNY Potsdam. My husband Russ, a 1992 graduate of Glens Falls, and I presently live in Glens Falls with our two sons, Bryce (7) and Zayne (5). Both of our families are in the Queensbury/Lake George area. We have no plans to move out of this area!

I held NY State certifications in the following areas; PreK-6th Elementary Education, Birth-6th and 6th-9th Special Education and lastly Birth-6th grade Literacy. The reasoning behind completing two Masters Programs was that my Special Education program did not focus on reading. Reading is the primary reason that students are enrolled in Special Education programs in public schools. With the adoption of inclusive classrooms a teacher with reading could be considered a double asset to their school district.

My favorite level to teach has always been elementary. I enjoy the energy and excitement they have for learning. My dream job would be teaching kindergarten, but I would be excited to teach any PreK-3 level including Reading or Special Education.

I have accumulated 9.5 years of substitute experience in multiple school districts. This includes 5.5 years as a substitute teacher for Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex BOCES. I was known as Miss W. until I became Mrs. C. in many districts. I have grown both as an educator and as a person from these experiences.

Having taken time off to be home with my boys, I have had the opportunity to nurture and be a part of my own boys’ early learning. It has been a unique experience to view teaching from a different perspective. I feel like this will help me in the classroom because I have a much keener idea of children’s thought processes and emotional development.  I have been on the parent’s side of CSE meetings and have had to learn how to navigate Special Education from this new position.



Elizabeth (Beth) R. Chatham

phone & email

P: 518-538-6451

Favorite Activities

  • Reading
  • Hockey
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Playing with my children
  • Building with Lego’s
Beth Chatham

PreK - 6 Teacher


What Teachers Have To Say

May 6, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Mrs. Beth Chatham has been a substitute at the Margaret Murphy Kindergarten Center for three years. Beth immediately showed professionalism by arriving to school early each day she was called to review teacher plans and get the classroom ready for her instruction. Her attitude toward our school community is exceptional. She is always positive and is a great role model for the children she comes in contact with. In some instances Beth was not left plans. She took it upon herself to create theme based lessons that were well organized and encouraged student involvement. Beth established excellent rapport with the both students and faculty. She is always patient, thorough, and gives each child a sense of comfort.

I’m thankful to have met Beth and think she would be an asset to any school district. Rebecca Quinn

Kindergarten Teacher, Margaret Murphy Kindergarten Center

January 9,2009

To whom it may concern:

I have had the professional and personal pleasure of knowing Beth Chatham for the past several years. I have seen her mature into, not only a competent educator and enthusiastic co-worker, but also into an innovated and committed child advocate.

Beth’s academic background has given her a wide knowledge base; her teaching experiences have allowed her to build on and hone her many skills; and her innate sense of leadership and responsibility make her a valued professional at any grade level. Her many degrees are a strong indication of her interest in, and commitment to, education

Beth can come into a classroom and accurately follow the plans for the day, along with effectively managing classroom behavior, and while this is a critical skill for any teacher, what is even more impressive is that Beth can step in when there are few, if any plans, and still maintain continuity and control.

I never hesitate to call on Beth, particularly if it’s an emergency-type situation, as I know she will come in and take control of the classroom with firmness, fairness, compassion, and ingenuity.

Beth would be a tremendous asset to any faculty, as she is thoughtful and considerate, easy to work beside, and very dependable. Beth would be a tremendous asset to any classroom, as she is dedicated, educated, and innovative.

I wish her luck in her search, but will miss her invaluable assistance. Susan J. Miller

Kindergarten Teacher, North Warren Central School

June 11, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very happy to write a letter of reference to address the unique and creative leadership and teaching attributes of Elizabeth Werne Chatham. In the past three years at Hudson Falls Primary School’s 6:1+1 program, I was very fortunate to have Mrs. Chatham as a substitute whom I could rely on in every capacity of the program. Whether I was out or my psychologist was out, I knew Elizabeth could manage the children and attend to their individual learning and social/emotional needs. This is no easy task, because there are management needs and social emotional needs that must be met during the course of the day that many people would run away from not ever to return! Not Elizabeth: She was drawn to our kids, treated them with respect and dignity and even remembered their interests and used those to help them make good decisions in the classroom!

Each time Elizabeth substituted in my room, she came well prepared and ready to listen. She quickly learned about the unique teaching styles necessary to maintain order and a positive learning environment in our room. When we needed her to be flexible and required her to instruct staff to assist in student learning and also in regards to earning and reporting points accurately, Elizabeth was fluid and demanding in doing so: Again, not an easy task. Elizabeth, however, was very competent in these areas.

Also, Elizabeth made it clear that she would go beyond the duties in our classroom. When seeing that we were studying a particular subject, she came in the day after substituting and offered students books that expanded that particular curriculum area as a gift to those students. The students were thrilled that she would go beyond to do something so thoughtful for them! She also brought in special stickers to entice a student to stay on task and do his work.

In conclusion, I am happy to recommend Mrs. Elizabeth Werne Chatham for your teaching position and would happily answer any questions you may have regarding this letter of reference. Susan E. Mott

6:1+1 Special Education Teacher, Hudson Falls Primary School

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